Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spiru-tein Protein Powder - Strawberry

Gluten and lactose free protein powder - Take 1

I picked this up at a random, hippie natural foods roadside market in Lincoln City, Oregon. We were on a week-long roadtrip, and I was actually hoping to pick up some almond milk "juice boxes" for the road when I saw this. I wondered skeptically, "could this really be good? if it's terrible, i'm committing to 1.2 lbs of this stuff...." I noticed the vanilla flavor was completely sold out, so I thought what the heck - I'll go for it!


IT'S GOOD! well, let me re-phrase - although the directions claim it instantly mixes, no blender required, you really do need at least a blender bottle to get the lumps out. The first couple times I tried it, I simply stirred the powder in, and the lumps were so nasty it practically triggered a gag reflex. No bueno! Now, I use a blender bottle, and mix it with cold almond milk for a super creamy shake post workout. It's a little thick if you follow the ratio they suggest (1 heaping scoop : 8 oz. milk), so I use about 10 oz. of milk per level scoop. Another reason I prefer almond milk is because it is lower in carbs, which is good for my get-fit plan. 

The nutrition facts on this powder are impressive. Per 1 serving scoop: 99 calories, 0 fat, 11 g carbs, 14 g protein. It's not the highest in protein content compared to other powders I've looked at since, but it is the lowest in calories and carbs. Personally, it's sufficient for me because I balance the shakes with high protein meals in other parts of the day. It's also amazingly packed with vitamins - the same as what you would get popping a multivitamin! As with any protein supplement though, be sure to drink plenty of water to combat dehydration and constipation from the mega dose of protein.

Final verdict?

IT'S GOOD!  oh wait, did I say that already?  Ok, and it's tasty too.  In fact, it's so good, I hesitate to try other competitors' products, because most of the other "all natural" gluten and lactose free powders smell downright terrible, and don't have close to the same nutritional stats this one does. I think I will try the chocolate version of this next.......

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