Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Join me in lobbying Nabisco for Gluten Free Triscuits!

I recently noticed supermarkets carrying a new line of Triscuits (brown rice Triscuits), and was sorely disappointed to see they were not in fact gluten free.  Double :( because Triscuits used to be my ultimate cracker snack. 

Join me in lobbying for gluten free Triscuits?  Here's a copy of the letter I just submitted on their site:


I am a longtime Triscuit fan, and was recently very excited to see your new line of "brown rice" Triscuits. However, I was miserably disappointed when I read the ingredients and saw that Triscuit remains "behind the times", and just launched another line for gluten fiends who already have a multitude of options.

I am gluten intolerant, and along with losing beer in my life, also had to deal with being unable to indulge in my former Triscuit habit.

I noticed you are an international brand, and as such, please know that there are many others like me around the world who were previous Triscuit consumers. I hope that you will someday rise up to be a more progressive and inclusive company by launching a gluten free line.

Thank you for your time taken to read this letter, and for your consideration,

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