Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tselogs - San Francisco, CA


Daly City, San Franciso

Styrofoam takeout container with 3 sections: a scoop of rice topped with garlic, ground chicken topped with scallions, and a fried egg.
Chicken Sisigsilog

Mmm...somehow I hit the jackpot here. Parking just a few doors down, beat the lunch rush, and immediate, friendly service. I'm never sure what I want, but waited less than 10 minutes for a to-go order after walking in and ordering.

Like many others have said, the Sisigsilog (chicken with onions and seasonings) is BOMB! For $5.99, it comes with a fried egg and a side of garlic fried rice. To admit I shoveled it in may be a near understatement.

Other sisigs include spam, hot dog, filipino sausage ($4.99), pork, beef, and fish. The lumpiang were good too, however make sure you eat it while it's hot - once it cools, it definitely gets less crispy.

Next time, I'm definitely trying a sago't gulaman drink - i love balls!

The dining area is super clean, and apparently they're open late night now, until 3am on the weekends!
*Gluten alert*
Although lumpiang are wrapped in rice paper before frying, be aware that not all rice paper are created equal.  Some contain wheat, while others are made with pure rice flour.  If you are particularly sensitive, be sure to ask if you can check the packaging.  Also, as with most asian cuisines, always ask whether or not something contains soy or oyster sauce - both are gluten traps!

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