Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zico Chocolate Coconut Water

a.k.a. The Best Thing to Hit My Taste Buds Since....

I don't know, since I discovered Red Mango, probably!

I initially tried this chocolate coconut water at a Yelp event, and I practically gave my soul away for refill after refill.

Glamor shot of 33.8 oz tetrapak on a wooden stool again against a black background.

The best day ever was when I saw it again at Trader Joe's for $3.49 for the large 33.8 oz tetrapak (the same size at Safeway was $7.00, and they didn't have chocolate). Amazing!

I can't remember what Yoohoo tastes like, but friends have likened it to that. All I know is, it's the perfect chocolate fix when I need some electrolytes, and not necessarily a protein shake. It does come in at 70 calories per 8 oz serving, so it takes a bit of self-control to regulate how often I indulge.


ps - I researched the smaller travel size options on Amazon, and reviews indicate that Zico in bottles taste different from tetrapaks due to different types of cococuts that are used. Definitely stick to the tetrapaks for the best taste experience.


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  2. Chocolate coconut water sounds healthy. Nice post


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