Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wicked Spoon - Las Vegas, NV

The Wicked Spoon Buffet 

(inside the Cosmopolitan on The Strip)

The small plate style of many of the food options made the buffet less trough-like, and although we caught the tail end of brunch, everything was still fresh and hot. I avoided the token asian dishes (lo mein, fried rice, kung pao chicken), and focused on the real food - boiled egg with avocado and bacon vinaigrette, sashimi, lamb chops, steamed clams.....i could go on, but basically this was the classiest buffet I'd seen. Like most buffets, plenty of items had lactose and/or gluten, but there were a surprising number of lactose and gluten free options as well. Goat cheese was readily available at the omelet bar, and the eggs were milk-free (always ask!). There were actually so many things I could eat, I didn't miss out on what I couldn't.

The desserts were my favorite - there were actually lactose/gluten free options!  I had a choice of several sorbets, house-made marshmallows served in a dark chocolate cone, and dark chocolate dipped strawberries with nuts or toffee topping. In comparison, my dessert selection at the Wynn buffet was confined to one thing: candied apples.

Great service (we never felt rushed out), and nice spacious table set ups in addition to the non-buffet like food really made this a great dining experience.

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