Thursday, June 7, 2012

La Note - Berkeley, CA

La Note

Downtown Berkeley

Among the many hits and misses in Berkeley, this place is consistently a hit. Yes, be prepared to spend $15 and up for breakfast/brunch, but you will not regret a single dollar. There's always a wait from 9:30am on the weekends, and when reservations are accepted, still be prepared for a wait of at least 45 minutes. BUT - the food is well worth it!

Although this is a french-style bistro, the many goat cheese and emmentaler options make breakfast plates especially lactose-free friendly, and the coffee is deeeeeeelish. (Remember to ask for any dishes be made with no milk and butter! Olive oil is a fine substitute.)

With all the appetizing options on the menu, eating family style is a stellar way to taste many different dishes if you come with a group and are prepared for a wait. Once you know what you like though, it's a much better experience coming with a smaller group (as in, 2), and the back patio is lovely.

Bon appetite!

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