Sunday, June 3, 2012

Omission beer - gluten free!

So a friend of mine with the inside scoop on developments in the beer/cider/wine industry dropped precious nuggets of information about Omission Beer, coming to the Bay Area this Tuesday, June 5th. I did a little more clicking around, and found this great article about the beers and company in the Washington Post:

Unlike other GF beers, the ones from Omission (a lager and pale ale) are made from a de-glutenized form of barley, rather than the usual sticky sweet mess of sorghum and rice. This means it might actually taste like beer! The company also wasn't legally allowed to categorize the beer as gluten free if they wanted to distribute it nationwide, but it should be considered as such. Thanks for the info, WP!

Can't wait to try it! (and hope it's not booty expensive....)

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