Tuesday, June 19, 2012

White Russians!

What is my most favorite application of almond milk?

A lactose-free white russian cocktail, of course! 

I prefer almond milk to any other variety, including soy and rice, and shudder at the thought of drinking Lactaid (weirdly sweet, yuck!). Almond milk has a nice, creamy texture that works well with the booze+ice, and gotta love that it's only 60 calories a serving with your calcium and vitamin D. 

I like to make these at home:

However, for those occasional afternoons when I like to park myself at a cozy bar and people watch, I've been known to bring my own lactose-free milk of choice and sweetly ask the bartender to keep it behind the bar for my very own white russians (of course I would only do this at a low-key place that's not too busy). Sometimes, I end up befriending other lactose-free patrons and become their white russian supplier! Sharing is caring.


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    1. Mmm i'll have to try that twist! I just found out about the availability of just the horchata "syrup", which would allow for homemade dairy free horchata. Such potential! Thanks for commenting :)


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