Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Babycakes - NYC, NY

Babycakes Bakery
(Lower East Side)

another gem in the world of vegan bakery!  although some items get pricey (1 donut, $3.50), you realize the cost is well-deserved because it is so incredibly well made.  the ginger cookies were the best i've ever had, including those from the old days before all my food sensitivities.  i don't really have much of a sweet tooth, but the brownie bites with the chocolate burst in the middle was nearly orgasmic (i had the chocolate chip and agave). same goes for the cupcakes (red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate mocha); i had to keep reassuring myself it was dairy-free because the cake was so moist and buttery (without being actually buttery). and the frosting.....usually i scrap all the frosting off cakes and such, but i licked every luscious morsel off my fingers here.

lastly, the blueberry crumb cake and biscuits with raspberries and cream made for a truly delightful breakfast....just beware if you have a serious gluten allergy, the biscuits are made with spelt, a derivative of wheat.

not only did i order every aforementioned item in one go, i also ate everything over the span of 48 hours!  if i could live on baked goods alone, babycakes would do it for me. it might also be the quickest way to my heart, shhhh........

one warning: as with most diary-free items, the melting point tends to be a little lower than regular dairy.  be advised.

* A few years after discovering this bakery, it got a lot of press because Chelsea Clinton ordered her wedding cake from here

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