Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stogo - NYC, NY

(East Village)

dairy-free, AND gluten free treats?! this is my new happy place!  i found the service to be impeccable, as our group of 4 was offered sample after sample before ordering.  the flavors are as good as could be, and even my 3 dairy-fiend friends concurred they didn't miss the dairy.

the mexican spiced chocolate did garner a bit of a kick towards the end, but was perfect mixed with another flavor.  likewise, the salted pecan caramel packed a sweet punch, but combined with another flavor, perfectly luscious. the plethora of coconut flavors was nice too; the toasted coconut almond joy was quite joyful indeed.

sadly, no cones, but you can create your own ice-cream cookie sandwich. a small cup=1 flavor scoop, medium=2 flavor scoops, and large=3 flavor scoops.

i almost can't wait for cold weather to try the hot chocolate, truffles, and cupcake treats!  until then, i'll be gorging myself on triple scoops...thank goodness the stuff happens to also be lower in fat, sugar, and cholesterol free.

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