Saturday, May 26, 2012

Candle 79 - NYC, NY

Candle 79
(Upper East Side)

Vegetarian-friendly?  yes!
Gluten-free friendly?  yes!
Taste-bud friendly?  yes!
Comfortable eating environment? yes!
Prompt service?  yes!
Nut-allergy friendly?  NO.

This last item was fatally disappointing.  Well, not actually fatal, but that potential was certainly there. Considering what a heavy emphasis this restaurant has on having a vegetarian menu, separate gluten-free menu, and proclaims a great sensitivity to food allergies, we came away with serious questions regarding cross-contaminations in the kitchen.  As with many vegetarian menus, most of the dishes contained nuts. It was quickly realized that even non-nut dishes must've somehow still carried trace amounts of nuts, because my dining companion felt the familiar anaphylactic shock settling in halfway through his non-nut entree, and also several sips into his non-nut beer.  Very curious indeed.

Other than that, the dishes are beautifully presented, and for $22-26 per entree, leave you satisfactorily full for about an hour. Desserts were a bit pricey at $12 per.

Epipen anyone?

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