Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tivoli Caffe - Berkeley, CA

Tivoli Caffe
(UC Berkeley area, southside of campus)

This family-owned and operated caffe is my new go-to lunch and work spot.  They have impressive gluten-free options, including a gluten-free focaccia for paninis, waffles, and soon-to-come gluten-free pizza. There is also a limited selection of lactose-free items including greek yogurt and soy milk.

The coffees are pretty standard, but the sandwiches are KILLER. Everything is fresh, even the tuna salad, and extreme care is put into the construction of every order. If you decide to eat in, you get a small little dollop of fresh fruit which is nice.

The owner recognized me from my 2nd visit, and he's always anxious for feedback to make improvements.

Super reasonable prices, they take cards, but do allow at least 5 minutes for sandwiches to be made.  Attention to detail cannot be rushed! There is additional seating upstairs for large groups, and free wi-fi if you have access to UC Berkeley's network.

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