Saturday, May 26, 2012

Is Beer Still Worth Drinking?

Unfortunately, as my palate naturally favors darker brews, the paler gluten-free beers just aren't worth the calories to me.  Some are better than others though, when one needs that occasional beer fix.

  • Redbridge Lager (brewed by Budweiser) - It actually tastes impressively like Budweiser. Which is great....if you like Budweiser.
  • Bard's - Like a lot of sorghum beers, heavy and syrupy. Next.
  • Green's - Drawn by my attraction to Belgium beers, I kinda got my hopes up on this one. Tried the Endeavor and Discover varieties since they are medium- and heavy- bodied. Unfortunately, both were so heavy and sickly sweet I couldn't even finish the expensive brew.
  • Schnizter Brau - es ist gut!

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