Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pappardelle's Pasta - Rochester, NY

Pappardelle's Pasta

I discovered these pasta gurus at a weekly farmers' market in Rochester, NY.   I was drawn by the bounty of beautiful and uniquely flavored dry pastas, and thrilled out of my mind when the guys behind the counter showed me their plentiful gluten-free selection. I tried a basil-pesto, and a garlic chive. Although a bit pricey at $7 for 9 ounces, these gourmet pastas truly warranted the price. The aroma of the pastas while cooking made my mouth water, and the texture, once cooked, was spot on. I especially love the inventive shapes the pastas come in. The inherent flavors are so well done, this pasta is best served with a basic butter or ghee sauce and a dash of wine.

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