Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop - Daly City, CA

Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop

Whether there's only a couple people in line or two fistfuls, there's always a wait, but no one gets angry because EVERYONE knows the sandwiches are worth waiting for. Big enough for 2 meals, or just 1 if you've got that kind of extension, these babies are made to order with quality ingredients. There's even gluten-free bread from Mariposa, as well as sourdough, rye, wheat, white and dutch crunch.  The people who work here really take pride in making a good sandwich too - I've actually caught one of the guys leaning back smiling at his handiwork before wrapping it up.

In addition to sandwiches made to order with every ingredient perfectly distributed, they have SOY CHEESE that MELTS! it's pretty awesome, and creamy to boot.

Free tootsipops and blowpops at the register.

*the sourdough here is commercial grade, and not gluten free*

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