Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lobster and Dungenness Crab

(it's also the ultimate lactose and GF food)

My particular favorites:

The freshest and cheapest varieties will always be at a Chinese supermarket, or seafood vendor in Chinatown. The bigger chain supermarkets will usually steam a live lobster or crab for you for free, if you feel squeamish about carrying out the massacre at home.

If you ARE feeling adventurous enough to do it at home, it's easy: Fill a large pot or wok with a few inches of water. Place a rack in the water for the seafood to rest on so it's not in the water. Cover, and steam until done. About 20 min, depending on the size of the beast, more if you're steaming more than one at a time. If you're steaming a lobster, make sure to let the urine out of it prior to cooking. You can do this by pricking a hole in the underside of the end of the tail with the point of your knife, and it will run out when you hold the lobster up.

Anesthesia: Meat tends to taste better when it's not cooked under duress. To avoid the lobster freaking out and making the meat tough, I like to pop it in the freezer for no longer than 30 minutes to lull it into a peaceful and more humane feast.


  1. God girl you are a BEAST! Urine running out of creepy sea-bugs!? Lulling your prey to avoid their stressed out flesh!? I LOVE IT!

  2. ha! you know me....always tellin' it straight. not for the faint of heart or spirit. thanks for being the first to comment!


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